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It's a big platform, and if you screw it up, you're going to look really stupid.Glamour: I was amazed with how much they fit in within 52 minutes. What you see should hopefully leave you wanting more. The pilot was originally an hour and a half, and now it's at 52.Of course, neither Baccarin nor Mc Kenzie have confirmed anything officially just yet, but now that they're able to be public about their love, I'm hoping they're willing to fill us all in on the details soon.And now matter how long they've been together, their relationship is a serious win for anyone like me who adores when onscreen couples cross over into real life.Glamour: You just turned 36, which is insane to me. " Then it feels like you've been doing it for a while. Ben: It's my sleep chamber.] I don't know.

There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to be one beautiful baby — and as long as Mc Kenzie's kid plays with Adam Brody's daughter as The OC intended, I'm good!

Maybe it's the films I grew up on or playing football in Texas, which is this macho and intense culture, but I've never had a hard time flipping the switch when I'm at work. I really don't like [that intensity] in my personal life. Glamour: Out of the three characters you're best known for: 's Ryan Atwood, who are you most like?

Ben: I think you always bring a part of yourself to these characters. I could see myself getting a place out there, but I'm not wild about the dead of winter. If you have a great job, New York is a great place to be. Glamour: What sold you on *Gotham *and what was the audition like? Bruno Heller created the show, and we did a pilot last year together.

Mc Kenzie is a catch, but he hasn't always had it easy.

When he was living in New York many years ago, he had bunk beds—a deal breaker for most women.

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