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• Parrots teach man to speak again Dr Mukta Chakraborty of Duke University said: "This finding opens up a huge avenue of research in parrots, in trying to understand how parrots are processing the information necessary to copy novel sounds and what are the mechanisms that underlie imitation of human speech sounds." Parrots are one of the few animals considered 'vocal learners' meaning they can imitate sounds.But why some birds are better than others has until now remained a mystery."You don’t get any awards for being a good parent but it is the most important job in the world," she said.It seems that Daisy is now excited for her mum to return to Corrie too, with Alison joking: "She is ready for it now as am I . This is frustrating for women who find many of their matches do not reply to their messages.It also allows women to avoid having people they know in real life - such as colleagues and ex-lovers - to see them on the dating app.The shells are relatively bigger in species of parrots that are well known for their ability to imitate human speech, the group found.

The founders of Reveal say it offers a unique solution to the problems that women seeking dates online are experiencing.

Meanwhile taxpayers, staff, customers, suppliers, credit card companies…

The iconic soap character will be returning to Weatherfield after brother Aidan asks for her help with the factory.

As most of the bird's vocal learning brain regions are tucked into areas that also control movement and these areas also showed some special patterns of gene expression.

It is speculated this might explain why some parrots are also able to learn to dance to music.

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