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It's one of those pieces I've had in my personal closet for years!! The original attached belt is still there of a matching ruby velvet ribbon and gold lame. The dress is covered with tiny red beads and larger red beads. High neck, long sleeves with rhinestone trim at cuffs and around "v" neckline. There is a tape inside the back of the skirt which gives the train the right shape. The beauty of that is that you can make this one dress look totally different depending on what color you wear under. However the entire jacket (except for the sleeves) is lined in chinchilla. As you'll see from the photos, this will either look like gold lame or a bronze lame depending on the lighting. And WOW, look at the accordion gathers at the one hip and "bow" at the other hip!!! Measures: 34" bust, 25" waist (though measures 29"), up to 36" hips, 55" long from shoulder to hem.Do you happen to have a black walking skirt from the 1910 era? or if you are short, you can just take up the sleeves right above the cuff... The exterior dress and underslip skirt is quite good condition (though there are tiny holes at the shoulder and a few here and there that will hardly seen once the under dress is fixed. Black silk satin (good weight) gown with ivory net lace "underskirt" to about knee length, with a different embroidered black net lace over that to about ankle length. The interior isn't too bad, but at the upper portion of the interior lining is torn (see photos). I might consider adding Chantilly lace trim at the hemline, or satin or velvet ribbon which would lengthen the dress... Often these blouses are white cotton rather than as sheer as this crepe blouse. The skirt lining is cotton so it's perfect, and there are 4 layers of material at the hemline (see photos).If so, you will be happy to add this jacket to that skirt and create a lovely walking suit. What has happened is that the sheer "straps" that were holding up the inner red silk are gone. But the red silk lining is in great condition, so it just needs to be held up. Once the lining is fixed, the dress becomes more of a blouson shape. These laces continue into the bodice, with a side gold lame lace around the bustline. The interior bodice is nearly perfect with French seaming and tiny little bows. Difficult to measure because bias will fit a wide variety of bodies. but I think it will fit up to 38*' bust, up to 32" waist, up to 40" hips.They are mostly all there, but some are missing, and some fall off. Wide enough sleeves to be worn (even though they look thin). Might have originally had more satin ribbon under the lace... It's a tiny gown, so my mannequin is a bit too large for it, but it closes fine up the back.

52" long on her, but will get a bit shorter if you are larger... NOTE: the rhinestone buckle is only pinned onto the belt because you're gonna want to size it to fit you.RELATED PHOTOS: Gwen Stefani’s Beauty Evolution The two started dating in November 2015 after Shelton’s divorce from Miranda Lambert and Stefani’s divorce from Gavin Rossdale.And they’ve been inseparable — and adorably coordinating — ever since.In her Instagram story, she shared a snap of her footwear after the show, revealing a Shelton-printed pair of Vans Customs slip-ons — that she designed herself!A second snap showed Shelton cozying up to his girlfriend wearing his signature pair of cowboy boots.

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  1. He was competing against skaters who were just out of the junior levels! And please don't respond with "but he's married with 3 children." I know that is true for many of them. Roger Staubach QB Dallas Cowboys, but I bet that was waaay before your time. Regarding your ex-PGA spouse, was it someone I've likely heard of?