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It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Remember the glory days of Oh My Ghostess, when we got to watch Kim Seul Gi and Kwak Si Yang share screen space?

Seulgi eonnie fightinggg I just simply love Kim Seul Gi. ' - she was one of the ticket collectors on the train during the camping episode. She's beautiful in her own way, I think Korean Film Industry need her, quite bored when seeing that all beautiful (like a doll) actresses : D *just in my opinion : D I'm jay park's fan, so i follow him on youtube. She pretty much ahs the same character as in FBND and I find her totally cute! Seen her for the first time in Flower Boy Next Door.

If Goblin drama have cameo, she will also make appearance as her character Shin Soon-ae in Oh My Ghost. Grim Reaper at the tea house & drinking her tea before departed. I dont want you to stuck as being some scene stealer and forever being remembered as that cute funning friend of the lead actress :'( I wish you to growing more and always cheering for you until you be the A-list actress♡ I know you can!!! I hope she will be a main actress in her next dramaa. Also, I saw a clip on You Tube with her singing on king of masked singer and her voice totally blew me away! After her awesome performance in Splash Splash Love hopefully she will be receiving more lead roles. i know since surplus princess, and then Oh my ghost and then now splash2 love. really want splash splash love love has the series. Good luck to you and many, many, many blessing to you in life and in your acting career. I think she also did a quick cameo in 'You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin! Made everyone want her to have her own lead roll in a drama.

While gaining support on this experimental live programme consistently, her popularity significantly increased, especially in the latter half of 2012.

SEE ALSO: Kim Seul Gi leaves 'SNL Korea' Ryu Hye Rin has been confirmed to fill in for Kim Seul Gi's empty spot on the show and shared, "I will show sides of me that I wasn't able to show previously.

Since her role in Surpluss princess, and now after Oh my Ghost. And if it was you, in answer to one of your questions...

can't you see that she's too good to be always "the friend" of the main player? I really felt for you, I loved you despite being a ghost so Good Job. If it was not her sitting next to me taking photos of the sunset, then it was a very close twin.....

Months later in mid-2011, when Jang Jin was looking for cast members for the live comic variety show called SNL Korea, he recruited Kim as a cast member.They both cuddle in bed with the bed covers pulled up to their faces and brush their teeth simultaneously.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. She had a role in Heartstrings as one of the background dancer. Anyway, I can't wait to see her in more roles, hopefully a leading role soon! She was a panda eyes cutie with a sharp/strict roll to keep the webtoon boys in line.

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