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The landmark Partner study that everyone is talking about—which tracked HIV transmission risk through condomless sex if the HIV-positive partner is on suppressive antiretroviral medication—has so far found not even one case of an HIV-positive person with an undetectable viral load transmitting the virus to a partner.But people in your everyday life may still be a little disbelieving.While some of this could be used as cover by skeptics, it also means positive people are left to understand and explain all of this science to a world that continues to stigmatize (and in some cases, criminalize) anyone with HIV.Of the 1,100-plus couples taking part in the Partner study out of Europe, 40 percent are gay.A third of the HIV-negative partners in gay couples reported having condomless sex with someone other than their primary partner, while just 3 to 4 percent of straight participants admitted the same thing.And what many experts already know about how HIV is transmitted still holds true: New infections usually come from people who are undiagnosed, who don’t know they have the virus, and who are not on treatment.Maybe transmission risk is greater the first time a serodiscordant couple has sex? The chance of passing HIV to another person in a single year is less than it would be over a 10-year period, the study’s authors concluded, though they caution that the study is only a model and not meant to estimate actual transmission risk.Partner researchers say a person with an undetectable viral load could indeed have zero risk of transmitting HIV.

For example, they worked only with couples who said they hadn’t used condoms for two years, on average. A risk analysis published online in the journal in May attempted to make the basic point that risk accumulates over time, even if you’re using treatment as prevention.Either way, I know what it means to be undetectable and I know that I am safe from ever transmitting the virus so long as I stay compliant.” In Curry’s own relationship, he talked with his boyfriend about what it means to be undetectable when they first began dating.“But the topic quickly turned into a conversation about trust,” he said.The chance of acquiring HIV from a partner who is undetectable very well might be zero.But that’s not what this study says, at least not yet.

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