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They have to sell the stuff to comete with the likes of 7-11.

The mass produced 'plastic' sausages (what goes into one of them?

TV,s computers, tablets and even an electric fan contribute to kids inactivity.

Thai society has moved forward in many ways both good and bad with an increase in obesity one of the effects for both men and women. I also don't believe it has anything to do with western fast food outlets.

However, even though the look of most dishes scares the hell out of me, you can see, in most cases the food is healthy/nutritious.

The recent changes have to be down to the type of foods eaten.

From the age of about six kids seem to have access to a salaeng or moped so no effort is required to get to the shop to buy the food.I think it's more down to the food manufacturers, and the foods they produce.Every Ma & Pa shop (as well as 7-11 and Family Mart etc.) these days has boxes of crisps and similar snacks available at Thai prices.At my local shop, the entire family look like hot air balloons.They don't eat western fast food, but at no one times will you see less that 6 or 7 bowls of food on the table, most of which is fried, and about half of that is junk food.

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